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The unique qualities in Deeside Mineral Water are not limited to people, according to owners who report beneficial effects for their pets.

Many animal lovers have reported a difference in their dogs, cats, horses and parrots when feeding them Deeside Mineral Water. The small molecular clusters mean pets will be well hydrated, while the unusual purity and antioxidant effects support their wellbeing in other ways. Owners have reported improved vitality and appearance in addition to enhanced performance in competitions.

The temperament of many animals was commented on, as drinking Deeside Mineral Water appeared to help reduce anxiety, tension and self-harm in more highly strung species.

We have undertaken research into the benefits of animals and birds drinking Deeside Mineral Water and would be interested to hear more experiences. The purity of the water makes it very palatable for animals and some owners have said their pets refuse to drink anything else.

"I have 19 cats who have been drinking Deeside Water for 10 years. Some were rescues who needed a lot of care, but they all live in harmony and queue up in the morning when the clean dishes of water go down and are topped up as needed. There is nothing more basic than water and all animals know that.”

Ms Leverman
Deeside Mineral Water customer for over 20 years

Giving your pet the purest drinking water is important for good health.

Trials suggest Deeside Water may have a calming effect on the temperament of some animals.