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Healing waters from sacred springs were historically referred to as Living Water because of their vitality and positive effects on those who drank them.

Life Force

Water is the basis of all life but remains a mysterious substance, extensively tested but not fully understood. Living waters from healing springs were once very common, revered for their beneficial properties. Very few sources of pristine water exist today, but these springs still have the special qualities of centuries ago.

Water is often referred to as having a vitality, an energy or a life force and there is something special in this living water which is hard to quantify – a feeling, a knowing and a deeper connection with Spirit.


Historically, visitors spoke of the peace and quiet they experienced around the springs and the invigoration they felt when drinking the water. Deeside Mineral Water still has that vitality, which is one of the reasons for its special properties.


To find balance in an increasingly unbalanced world, we need to look within and slow down to reflect and allow ourselves time to experience stillness, becoming more aware of our consciousness and a deeper connection.

It is the part of us that joins with something greater to provide insights, understanding and inner peace, beyond our daily thoughts and emotions.

This is the tranquil feeling around the sacred springs. It is more than the breath-taking natural surroundings, it is the water and something special within it.


We are mindful of our responsibility to nature and work with integrity to protect and preserve this special water and springs, which have been here for thousands of years.

This is a remote place that people travelled for days to reach, long before roads and cars as they knew it was much more than just water. It is important to preserve it for future generations and this is part of our mission as a business.

Complementary Treatments

The vitality of Deeside Water, combined with its physical benefits, makes it popular with healthcare professionals and therapists who use it as a complement to their own treatments.

We work with many holistic and wellbeing centres, some of whom use Deeside Water as an active ingredient in their products. We also supply AnthroHealth, which practices in Aberdeen's Camphill Wellbeing Trust and are delighted to support the great work they do.

Living waters from healing springs were historically revered for their beneficial properties.

Very few sources of pristine water exist today but these springs have the special qualities of centuries ago.