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The natural properties of Deeside Mineral Water have been associated with good health for centuries with a long history of curative qualities. Modern research confirms its unique characteristics and explains them scientifically.

These qualities are created by the pure Scottish rainfall and local geology, making it unique with benefits not found in other waters.

  • Deeside Water hydrates very effectively due to smaller sized clusters of H2O than normal water, which makes it more easily absorbed by living cells. This increases cell hydration and offers many benefits for good health, improved skin function and vitality.
  • It has antioxidant properties which help to combat harmful free radicals, known to be part of the ageing and disease process. 
  • It is unusually pure with a low mineral content, which helps the body efficiently flush out toxins and provides a clean, fresh taste.
  • It has a low pH, mineral content and REDOX potential, factors which have been shown to promote well-being when present in the correct proportions.  This is a very rare and special combination that flows naturally from the springs.
  • It is 100% sustainable and natural, flowing from ancient healing springs in the Scottish Mountains, topped up by rainfall.

"I was introduced to Deeside Mineral Water in the 90s by the ladies at CLAN, where I was being treated. As part of my recovery, I went "back to basics" to flush out a toxic trace, as water is the only thing that circulates your body 100%. I used Deeside Mineral Water to do that and have been drinking it ever since.”

Maureen, Aberdeen


An unusual combination of characteristics makes Deeside Mineral Water different.

The long history of healthy qualities is still enjoyed today.