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Deeside Mineral Water’s taste and terroir is influenced by the local geology and determined by its mineral content, which is classed as low on the minerality scale.

The result is a light, clean taste profile with a smooth finish.

It has a vintage of around 50 years, the time it takes for the pure Scottish rainfall to filter through the granite rock before emerging at the springs. This protection deep underground results in a superior level of virginality, which is determined by the low nitrate level of the water.

Enjoy it as an accompaniment with any meal or fine dining experience as the clean neutral taste allows the flavours of your food or wine to shine. The low minerality makes it a particularly good pairing with subtle fish dishes or sweet fruity desserts.

Deeside Water is classed as low on the minerality scale and the result is a light, clean taste profile with a smooth finish. The low combined calcium and magnesium content means it is also referred to as a Soft Water.

In addition to the clean taste, the smaller molecular cluster size of Deeside Mineral Water makes it a perfect mixer with spirits and will help enhance the natural flavour of your drink, making more of it available to your taste buds.

Our delicate Sparkling Mineral Water is deliciously versatile and pairs well with many spirits, cocktails and cordials – but is equally refreshing served chilled, just as it is.

The clean neutral taste makes it the ideal accompaniment to any meal or fine dining experience.

Deeside Water is also the perfect mixer for spirits due to its smaller molecular cluster size.